Duke Gladwin

Duke Gladwin is duke of Carlstow.


Carlstow Manor has been in Duke Gladwin’s family for generations. The duke is the last in the family line for rule here, a position threatened both by the rise of guilds throughout Pedebofe Duchy and his seeming confirmed bachelorhood. Otherwise, the people of Carlstow are content enough with his even-handed rule, as everyone’s sharing in the town’s swelling prosperity.

Duke Gladwin has ancestral ties to the elderly Saer, ersatz “priest” of the church of Boccob. He was comrades with Duke Gladwin’s grandparents in the Magnum Certamen, the devastating war that upheaved the entire continent. Due to this relation, Duke Gladwin permits the crazy old man to tend to his incoherent services on the edge of town. Beyond Saer, the duke does not behave as though especially attached to anyone in town. Within his court he spends some attention to the lovely and reclusive Lady Osana, a permanent guest in Carlstow Manor, but nothing meaningful has come of this, to the chagrin of the town’s gossips.

in times of dire emergency, when his own men-at-arms are overwhelmed, Duke Gladwin has called upon the services of the mysterious Sir Primeveire, a powerful knight who does not speak, has never been seen unarmored, but who has yet to fail in any task assigned to him. Duke Gladwin honors this knight a little too generously, some townsfolk deem, for a conscript on the king’s payroll. But as long as their own wealth increases, and the dark, silent knight continues to win, they don’t complain very loudly at all.

Duke Gladwin

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