Hakon collects the king's semiannual tithe.


Hakon has the most thankless task in Pedebofe Duchy: he collects the king’s tithe. He does not live in Carlstow but is here often enough that he is understood to be a member of the community. Carlstow is his favorite town, out of all those in his jurisdiction, on account of the travelers it attracts and the beer it produces. He monitors the tithe barn and tries to maintain a friendly relationship with Aslak and Sigrid and anyone who cultivates livestock in Carlstow.

Hakon absolutely is not a greedy man and doesn’t have a corrupt bone in his body. Nor does he have much self-confidence, which is an arduous trait in someone whose job it is to collect grains, money and livestock from struggling communities on behalf of the king. He comes off as guileless and awkward, in his desperation to transact all business above board, yet always strives to represent as an honest steward of the kingdom.

Occasionally he has need to hire adventurers as a personal guard, when the king’s guard is insufficient to secure the tithe back to Gereberge. He has to rely on Savaric’s and Wymarc’s judgement when selecting who to retain for this risky task. Because of the delicate nature of this work, Hakon has no problem paying handsomely to worthy hirelings, out of his own pocket if need be.


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