Hallny cooks at the Iron Oak.


Hallny is a pretty halfling woman who ably leads the kitchen at the Iron Oak. She is conspicuously cagey about her past, unwilling to discuss the events that led her away from her halfling warren and into human territory. Halflings are uncommon enough in Pedebofe Duchy that they will stand out and be remembered wherever they go. Needless to say, there are none in Brune, though several villagers insist they have no objections to them. There are no other halflings in Carlstow, which potentially limits Hallny’s romantic prospects, though she seems to get a special charge out of flirting with itinerant adventurers and other travelers.

Savaric appears to have a particular friendship with Hallny, though he will not answer anyone’s questions about her. He has never pried into her background, having observed from others her unwillingness to share any personal facts. He does note, however, she is especially good with knives and can slip through a room noiselessly at times. Hallny has a strictly professional relationship with Wymarc; they respect each other’s office but there’s something about this halfling that rubs the alewife the wrong way, and Hallny resents Wymarc’s suspicious nature.

Hallny is careful to stay on positive terms with Aslak, Sigrid and Hamo, valuing their prowess with good crops. She delights in Hamo’s awkwardness around her and flirts with him just enough to make him blush. On a darker note she feels a protective streak toward these three in particular, openly disrespects anyone who does not respect them, and at least twice in the past has “taken care” of people unpleasant to the farmers and baker, though nothing has ever been proven.


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