Hamo is Carlstow's baker.


Hamo stays out of trouble as Carlstow’s baker. He collaborates with Aslak and Sigrid when the grains are harvested, and he owns the building villagers can rent for their own baking projects. He was born in Carlstow and has been impressed with its growth, though as a homebody he doesn’t feel an urge to mingle with adventurers or travelers. All he needs is their coin, and for that he’s willing to bake up a quality product.

There’s something about Hallny that unsettles Hamo. She has let the baker and the farmers know that their welfare is very important to her career at the Iron Oak, and he gets that, but she tends to intrude in his personal space in other ways. When his mill was overrun with rats, Hallny made short work of them, and he was grateful for that. It’s her constant and none-too-subtle flirting that confuses him. He doesn’t see himself as attractive, so the attention he gets from a very cute, slight halfling woman confuses and flusters him.


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