Ingalill is Carlstow's Head of Traders.


Ingalill is the ambitious head of traders in Carlstow. She has her eyes on guild leadership but realizes she has her work cut out for her: the chips are stacked against a half-elf in human society. Ingalill’s lineage represents the liberal community of Carlstow very well: Brune has no contact with elves, halflings or mixed ethnicity at all, and only grudging relations with the regional dwarf clan. But in Carlstow she has found a bustling and prosperous home that could provide the springboard for her career.

Even if her aspirations would move her from Carlstow to the capitol city, Ingalill is still protective of the town that adopted her. She monitors the traders and goods that move through her town, as well as inventories the royal tithe every time Hakon heads back to the king. And she keeps an attentive eye on Brune’s dealings with clan Steinbrudd, the rival dwarven community that does not observe Stort-Hull’s sanction on the intolerant village. Their flow of money would actualize her dreams that much sooner…


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