Savaric owns the Iron Oak, Carlstow's public house.


Savaric is the publican of the Iron Oak, Carlstow’s only public house. The Iron Oak stands beside the High Road, en route to the capitol at Gereberge, and straddles Grau River, permitting a scenic appreciation for the town’s features. He runs the pub with his sons and daughter; his wife passed away several years ago. As well, he partners with Wymarc to feature Carlstow Rye Amber as the premier brew at the Iron Oak and is able to offer her space for brewing. Carlstow is large enough that many people cook for themselves, but Savaric can offer an exceptional menu to both townsfolk and repeat traveler business.

Many people in town believe Savaric and Wymarc should get over themselves and tie the knot already, but the one thing they have in common is a driving interest in their careers, at the expense of pursuing another relationship. They work well together but have no special interest in intimacy. Savaric runs his pub like a tight ship, always on top of inventory and able to cold-read big spenders or troublemakers within a minute. Beyond the success he enjoys in running the only public house in town, he takes personal pride in providing a safe hub for travelers and adventurers. He enjoys setting up an audience for adventuring parties who can tell a good story as they share their wild experiences.

Savaric is amused by Hakon’s cautiousness and need to prove himself. As the king’s tither is a little naive, he is more than willing to identify trustworthy adventurers to assist in couriering a particularly wealthy haul back to Gereberge. He has a nearly paternal relationship with his halfling cook, Hallny, largely due to his respect of her murky past. A few times he has had to steer the insightful Wymarc away from asking too many questions of her.


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