Thjodhild is the dwarven Chief Miner and Carlstow liaison.


Thjodhild has two jobs: ensuring clan Stort-Hull mines their annual quotas of ores and gems, and brokering on their behalf to the villagers of Carlstow. The latter is the easier role, as Carlstow and the dwarves have a very amicable relationship. It was Thjodhild’s scouts who tracked Waleran’s passage to Carlstow and identified his talent for blacksmithing, cultivating his livelihood in this town. Such diplomacy and desegregation is much less likely in neighboring Brune.

A strong warrior in her own right, Thjodhild is content (for now) in her managerial role. Stort-Hull has prospered both from their hard work and brisk trade with Carlstow. And if the Chief of Miners has to be stationed anywhere in Pedebofe Duchy, there are worse assignments than the town that produces the award-winning Carlstow Rye Amber.

At Thjodhild’s suggestion, Ysentrud initiated a church dedicated to Moradin in Carlstow, considering the friendly relations between the two communities. And because of Brune’s aversion to other races, Thjodhild has tried to discourage trade with her clan and that town. By contrast, rival clan Steinbrudd does not share her compunctions and does business wherever it can.


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