Thymo is an earnest young wizard.


Making up for in determination what he may lack in talent, Thymo is an unofficial apprentice to Saer, Carlstow’s “priest” of Boccob. Unofficial, because Saer has repeatedly expressed zero interest in tutoring anyone in his arts, least of all this hapless young man. Villagers find some amusement in watching the old man chase off the young would-be wizard, shaking their heads as he returns for more rejection.

When not begging Saer for education, Thymo has lately taken to journeying with adventurers to other towns, to study and practice his craft with anyone who’ll have him. The rest of the time he tries to assist the townsfolk of Carlstow with minor chores and odd jobs, to the best of his capacity. It’s a coin-toss as to whether Thymo can fulfill his task or find a way to screw it up dramatically. People have varying opinions on the well-meaning young man, but teens Eirik and Tove stand resolutely with Saer and think it would be no loss if Thymo found his place in Brune and never came back.

Despite this uphill battle, Thymo maintains a sunny disposition and is prone to assuming the best of anyone he encounters. He is especially interested in trading spells with practitioners of magic who come to his town. While he insists he could never be as good a wizard as Saer, he nonetheless swears to someday merit Carlstow’s recognition.


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