Waleran is the village's half-orc blacksmith.


Waleran showed up in Carlstow a dozen years ago, starving and injured and without much knowledge of his background. While most human settlements consider a half-orc trouble or simply odious, Carlstow provided caring for Waleran, nursing him back to health. When the dwarves of clan Stort-Hull detected in him an innate talent for blacksmithing, they trained him in some of their arts, making him a priceless asset to the community. This is exceptional, as dwarves and orcs have been enemies of heritage.

His mother was a warrior named Uluzadu; his father was human, but she never shared his identity with her son. The two of them were exiled from their orc clan for the impurity Waleran represented. Uluzadu raised him as best she could but fell prey to a hobgoblin ambush, leaving Waleran to fend for himself in the wilderness for several years.

In Carlstown, his training at the forge and anvil has received guidance from Ysentrud, cleric of Moradin. She has been notably accepting of the half-orc refugee exactly as the village of Brune was not. Waleran experiences some sense of higher purpose when the cleric leads him in prayer, during the crafting of important weapons and armor.


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