Wymarc is Carlstow's champion alewife.


Carlstow is remarkable for several reasons, not the least of which is Wymarc’s award-winning Carlstow Rye Amber. Widowed ten years ago, Wymarc turned her personal fortune around by taking over the town brewery and gracing it with innovation. Her famous brew, eligible for royal endorsement, has secured ample financial security for the rest of her days. Wymarc partners with Savaric at the Iron Oak to further ensure the continued flow of commerce into Carlstow.

Wymarc is a pragmatic and perceptive person who, over time, has managed to work her fingers into everyone’s pies in town. Though she misses her husband, loyalty to him is not what keeps her from pursuing another relationship: she is more interested in staying busy. She would like to travel abroad someday, if she can find an accommodating and trustworthy adventuring group, but in the meantime she enjoys helping Carlstow to flourish, almost as much as she loves creating the next amazing batch of beer.

She holds a small measure of contempt for the king’s tither, Hakon, as a spineless man performing a thankless task. She acknowledges his honesty is beyond question, but she has more sympathy for the community than for the remote king who demands tribute a few times each year. Aside from this, she is flattered by Hakon’s reliance on her as a judge of character, when he needs trustworthy escort back to the capitol city, as well as by his reverence for her beer.

There is a level of tension between Wymarc and the Iron Oak’s cook, Hallny. Wymarc can sniff something very troublesome about the halfling, but thus far she hasn’t learn anything about her background. Halflings are rare throughout Pedebofe Duchy and few travelers have encountered them. She resents Savaric’s naive protection of the little cook’s privacy, only because of the trouble that could come in this small package.


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