Ysentrud is the cleric of Moradin.


Ysentrud serves as Sonnlinor, or cleric of Moradin, in one of Carlstow’s three churches. Moradin is the patron god of the dwarves, and his church was established in town a generation ago as a uniting gesture between Carlstow and the dwarven community. (Needless to say, there is no such representation in Brune.) This church was founded by Ysentrud, in fact, once Thjodhild indicated how consistently clan Stort-Hull dwarves would be traveling to and staying in Carlstow. As well, the formerly homeless Waleran takes comfort in studying Moradin with Ysentrud, as the dwarven contingent has been especially welcoming to him for reasons he has not thought to question.

The church permits curious humans to attend services as well, not to convert but to spread the word of respect for life and a personal code of honor. Ysentrud wears the order’s traditional silver armor and occasionally joins Waleran in prayer when smithing arms at his sanctified forge. The intolerance permeating Brune is a nagging issue for Ysentrud, as Moradin’s tenets aspire to promote positive race relations, as well as forming new communities for dwarves.


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