The town of Carlstow is thriving, profiting from the mighty Grau River and sitting on the High Road, a major trade artery to Gereberge, the capitol city. It’s one of the few human communities to welcome and collaborate with dwarves, elves and others. Duke Gladwin, duke of Carlstow Manor, maintains the fine balance between the good of his townsfolk and the royal interests to encourage prosperity for all. Carlstow stands out in contrast with its neighbor, Brune, an all-human village with considerably less tolerance for other races.

The king is very far away in Gereberge, but order is upheld by Duke Gladwin’s men-at-arms and the mysterious Sir Primeveire, a powerful myrmidon called upon in times of emergency. In other areas guilds are massing influence and power to oust the regional leadership, but the people of Carlstow are content enough with Duke Gladwin’s rule, for the time being.

The center of town is the Iron Oak public house, next to the town’s market. This pub, home to the award-winning Carlstow Rye Amber ale, is where traders convene and adventurers cool their heels. Savaric, publican, takes some pleasure in encouraging good storytelling here. There are three churches in town: the dwarvish Moradin, Hieroneous of the paladins, and a “church” for Boccob, run by an aging and possibly demented wizard. Carlstow Manor is tucked away on the edge of town, marking the fringe of the Lord’s Woods.

Rise of the Demomancer

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