Aslak and Sigrid

Aslak and Sigrid manage most of the farming.


Aslak and Sigrid take care of the rotational farming and advise villagers on tending the Commons. They collaborate with Hamo the baker when the grains are ready for harvest, as well. Very far from adventurers, they enjoy the last dozen years in which Carlstow has become most prosperous, though the thought of trouble-making bands of adventurers or unwanted monstrous attention keep them from feeling completely at ease. They run their farm with help from their children as well as Carlstow’s youth. Sometimes Sigrid is called upon by the town’s three churches to help with their rectories’ gardens: of the three priests, Saer seems the most personally gratified by her visits, and she enjoys tea with him as they talk shop.

The couple is mildly baffled but flattered by the attention Hallny pays to them. They understand the Iron Oak’s cook has a vested interest in their produce, but the halfling seems to go out of their way to do them any favors within her power.

Aslak and Sigrid

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