Saer is the "priest" of Boccob's order in Carlstow.


Old Saer runs the church of Boccob in Carlstow, though he himself is not a priest. Saer was a powerful wizard during the Magnum Certamen, a tremendous war that transformed the continent two generations ago, but now he is left to his own devices in the rectory. When not hosting incoherent services to the god of magic, he putters around his herb garden or provides dazzling light shows in the Village Green for holidays.

He is bound to the town by having fought in the Magnum Certamen with Lord Gladwin’s grandparents. Largely a loner, he is nonetheless befriended by teenagers Eirik and Tove. As well, he enjoys talking about gardening with Sigrid when she makes the rounds between the churches.

The only thorn in his side (besides his decrepit and failing body) is the young wizard Thymo, who persistently pesters him for mentorship. Saer rebukes all association with the enthusiastic, clumsy young man, and yet Thymo keeps trying to learn from the elderly wizard or study in his library. Saer finds no recourse in the villagers, who regard the situation as comical; only Eirik and Tove have his back in this matter, it seems.


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