Other people who work and live in Carlstow.



Linota runs the mill on Grau River. She works closely with Hamo the baker and tosses a few coins to Eirik and Tove when they help out.


Gamel the shepherd lives with Aslak and Sigrid. He’s on hand to assist villagers tending their stock in the Commons.


The chief ostler for Carlstow Manor, Hervey takes pride in work well done but loves to slip out to the Iron Oak at the end of each day.

Peter and Fabian

Whether a new building is going up or an old one needs repairs, Peter and Fabian manage all carpentry in Carlstow.


Bennet oversees the weaving and textiles in Carlstow, with a full complement of spinners. Originally from Brune, he finds this town more to his liking, open as it is to new ideas. He is experimenting with cotton, obtained through Ingalill from lands far to the southeast.


Finnbogi organizes Carlstow’s weekend market. He works with Ingalill to bring new merchandise into circulation, keeping one or two stalls open for traveling merchants.


Hafgrim is now a member of Carlstow Manor’s men-at-arms, having served with honors in the Magnum Certamen when he was among the guards over orcish POWs. Not one to dwell on his past (no storytelling at the Iron Oak for him), he is content to do a good job for Lord Gladwin for the rest of his useful years.


Master calligrapher and illuminator Celestria runs her business for anything from shop signs to replicating short manuscripts. Another resident half-elf, this skilled limner has tried to retain Thymo as an apprentice, mostly as a favor to him, but she finds he lacks focus.


Sister Ascilia is the chief healer for Lord Gladwin’s men-at-arms, though she has been appointed to assist in the town for severe accidents. She does not appreciate Brother Isleif’s patronizing attitude.


Brother Isleif oversees the church dedicated to Hieroneous. His fellow monks support Carlstow Manor’s men-at-arms and watch over the town graveyard… just in case. He makes a priority of supporting Sister Ascilia whenever the opportunity arises.

Eirik and Tove

These teenagers are as close as siblings, and the town follows their activities with fondness. Tove is one of Aslak and Sigrid’s daughters, and Eirik is the son of Goda, whose husband passed away. Good-natured and curious, they have befriended Saer but also help Gamel with shearing, Linota with winnowing and other seasonal tasks in town.


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