Rise of the Demomancer

Training Begins

The ranger and the fighter are born.

Tonight, Rebecca and Sam rolled their characters and started the group with a human ranger (unnamed) and a half-elf fighter (Freja).

As it’s my intention to start the characters off with some experience, I let them run around a non-canon, randomly generated dungeon (courtesy of Donjon: http://donjon.bin.sh/). This was as much a learning experience for them, never having played D&D prior to this, as it was for me, having only learned 1st and 2nd edition systems. I’m a pretty unpolished DM, fumbling through the rules, but I think I had enough of a grasp to run a passable game. A few more sessions like this (I wish to introduce the PCs to their new world once they hit LV 3) and I’ll have the basics down and be ready to practice the more complex combat principles.

The ranger and fighter entered a long corridor and, after establishing marching order, ran off to an intersection with multiple ensconced torches. From there they discovered a broken statue lying before a wooden door. The door was not trapped or locked, but it had swollen and gotten stuck, and this was a nearly insurmountable obstacle for the new players. Freja threw herself into it repeatedly, then the ranger had his turn, and then the fighter had another go. Though it never opened properly, it did finally shatter into splinters.

They had more than announced their presence to a medium-sized monstrous spider, who’d filled this lamp-lit room with webbing. The ranger plugged an arrow into the beast and Freja split its head open, but not before getting stung in the back. With time on their side, the ranger discovered an arrow trap in a wall and the fighter found a hidden coffer of coins. Unfortunately this too was trapped: the half-elf was overwhelmed in frost and passed out. The human used his best first aid technique to make her comfortable and let her sleep it off.

A drow tracker slipped into the room and the ranger faced off with him, defending his incapacitated colleague. This launched a couple minutes of each warrior’s weapon slicing into empty space around their opponent, lots of dodging and some blocking. At last, the ranger slashed the dark elf’s chest open and dispatched him in one blow. Tomorrow they will search the rest of the room and proceed, but tonight they decided to secure the area and rest.



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